By Martin Sibley

With my disability, summer is usually good health wise. Which is a relief this year after the terrible winter I had with my colds. My relatively new morning routine has been a great positive factor.

Every morning I make sure I do my meditation and physio routine. I also make sure I drink lots of water and eat more healthily through the day. Something I was bad at doing previously.

When I was at school and university, I wasn’t the world’s most prolific reader. Then when I graduated and the lessons stopped, I just couldn’t stop reading books. I’ve always enjoyed inspirational biographies of people past and present. Occasionally I will read the odd fiction book too. More recently I have read a lot on personal development including the ‘code of the extraordinary mind’ by Vishen Lakhiana.

Its turned out that Vishen founded an education company called Mindvalley. And I ran a workshop in that University. It was on the topic of ‘blogging’ to change the world. You can see here the cool group of people who attended my session.

I’ve always loved serving the disabled community. Obviously I have a personal vested interest in inclusion. However, I get so much pleasure from supporting many other people in their day-to-day pursuits.

My job has evolved a lot since leaving London a few years ago. I’m working more with organisations looking for help in how to be more accessible. This is where true change will occur.

Martyn has wondered how your summer has been? Particularly if any of the above is relevant ([email protected])