By Lisa Williams

“Perhaps I could tell you a story about myself? My name is Lisa Williams and I founded Happy Happy Vegan. I’m sure my story will resonate with a few of you out there!”

Lisa Williams – Founder of Happy Happy Vegan

“Just over five years ago my life was in turmoil. I was overweight and deeply unhappy. Those aren’t just words, I was seriously and chronically depressed.

Numerous visits to my doctor followed, all to no avail. Then a friend pulled me to one side and asked if I’d ever considered how my lifestyle was impacting upon my health, both mentally and physically.

I’d honestly never given it a thought. Sure, I’d heard all the cliches such as ‘you are what you eat’, but phrases like that simply go in one ear and out the other most of the time. You know how it is.”


“Anyway my friend was adamant. She told me how her brother had turned his life around by adopting a cleaner lifestyle. At the root of that was something called a plant-based diet.

Although self-explanatory, I’d never heard of it until then (which was unusual as it had the word ‘diet’ on the end of it!). I was intrigued, so I started researching. After all, what did I have to lose?

What I found out over the next few months delighted and horrified me in equal measure.”

“I was thrilled to be reading about dozens of people who had dragged themselves out of severe depressive states by cleaning up their diet, but there was also something else that cemented my desire to change the way I was living – animal cruelty.

I’m the first to admit it (now, at least), I was wilfully ignorant back then. I was the typical  ‘I love animals’ kind of person .. who also thought nothing of eating them. Speciesism in full effect!

I kind of knew that the meat and dairy industry weren’t going to win any awards for animal care anytime soon but, like millions of others, I never really stopped to think about what was happening to the food I ate before it hit my plate.”

My research changed all that. I was sickened. After all my reading and watching, I knew things had to change. That was the last time I had anything to do with animal products.

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