The Government’s pledge to get one million more disabled people into work has been faltering! Their policy has been called into question following figures that showed more people with disabilities leaving work than joining.

At the General Election the Prime Minister vowed to narrow the disability employment gap and help one million more people with disabilities find employment over the next ten years. But the current rates of retention make clear how difficult this task will be. And was the Manifesto pledge pure rhetoric and soon to be discarded once the election was over?

MENCAP seem to think so; they have accused the Government of ‘overlooking’ disabled people when the policy was left out of the Queen’s Speech.

Is it not time to start thinking that Political Party Manifestos are pretty worthless .. and that the pledges and promises can be broken or forgotten at anytime. So how about a ‘CONTRACT’ instead of a Manifesto? .. where it would be a legally binding document and that those that signed it off if would be held accountable for the promises not kept. Most businesses have to abide by these rules of law.

In answer to the criticisms of the “let’s get one million disabled people back to work” we have got ┬áthe usual ‘stick & paste’ word processed robotic answer from the ‘Department of Work and Pensions who have stated that, “Almost 600,000 disabled people have entered work in the last four years which is great news, but we know there’s more work to do to ensure disabled people are able to enjoy the benefits good work can bring”.