Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has claimed there is now a ‘full-blown’ mental health emergency’ in Scotland.

This follows after the ‘Cottage Family Centre’ in Kirkaldy announced it is to hire its own mental health workers. The Fife charity provides support to vulnerable families and is launching a £100,000 fundraising campaign to help meet demand for counselling staff and a new family therapeutic worker.

Mr. Brown, who is due to be named as honorary patron of the centre, said the NHS was ‘facing one of its worst-ever crisis’. He said, “NHS crises should have been a thing of the past. Of course the Scottish government is free to spend as it seems fit but its decisions mean that far less is being invested in the NHS than the Barnett formula ever intended.

In effect it has left the NHS in Scotland hundreds of millions of pounds short of what it should have.The crisis in Fife mirrors what is happening across the entire country. There is now a full blown mental health emergency.”