Being disabled usually means paying more for day-to-day living. Scope thinks this could be as much as £570 per month extra.

For instance here are some of the costs that able bodied people probably never think of.

*A reclining chair can cost £1,200

*Possibly £600 for a spare battery for an electric wheelchair

*Hand grips for wheelchairs and walkers that cost five times (£25) a grip than for a bike

*Knives with angled blades that cost £15 each

The list goes on and on. Other costs can include:-

*Having to buy more of everyday things (like heating, or taxis to work)

*Paying for specialist items (like a wheelchair or a hoist)

*Paying more than non-disabled people for same products and services (like insurance)

Not only is financial instability bad for disabled people, but as people in the UK are living longer failing to address the problems posed by a growing, and significantly under-pensioned segment of the population, will have serious ramifications for disabled people in the UK.