Two Cabinet Ministers, Two Shadow Cabinet Ministers and Nine MPs are now #ALLin Ambassadors.

And with British and Hollywood Actresses also joining our movement we are on the move!

Our aim is to become ONE million strong worldwide – with the belief that The More We Are – The Stronger We’ll Be!

Our mission statement is that an #ALLin Ambassador is committed to promoting equality and diversity in every possible way.

If you read our Certificate wording and if you feel it reflects your own thoughts why not join our movement today. Send us your email address and we will forward your Certificate. Become an #ALLin Ambassador.

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As an #ALLin Ambassador you are committed to promoting equality and diversity in every possible way. Whether as an employer, an employee, a government official, a charity worker, as a relative or as a friend, as a neighbour or even as a stranger. As an individual or as a group.

Fighting for justice and equal opportunities for every single person on the planet. Practically every decision you make affects other people. You can effect change.

The ‘social media model of disability’ says that a disability is caused by the way society is organised rather than a person’s impairment or difference.

You can help remove barriers that will allow disabled people to be independent and equal in society with choice and control over their own lives.



So why not join our movement? [email protected]