Trailblazers are encouraging people to share their personal stories and experiences on body image as a new campaign is launched.

They know body image affects everyone, and Muscular Dystrophy UK are delighted to be supported in this project by Trailblazers ambassadors Sam Renke and Dan Edge who are both amazing advocates for body positivity.

Sam Renke

According to the Government’s body confidence report poor body image is not just a problem for individuals. It is an equalities issue, limiting the opportunities and rewards on offer to some sections of society, and punishing people unfairly if they step outside of proscribed roles. It has particular implications for black and ethnic women, women with disabilities, and older women.

The remarkable Becky Dann who was the winner of ‘Disabilty Talk’s’ photographic competition “A World Of Unfairness” – Her prize was presented to her by Professor Stephen Hawking in his study at Cambridge University 

Lauren West, Trailblazers Manager wants to know how you feel about body issues.

Lauren West

She said, “This campaign project is something different and really exciting for us. We know that everyone will have a different relationship with body image and will be on a different part of their journey. But it’s something that binds us all and that’s why we were so keen to run a campaign on this topic. This campaign will be all about you. We want to hear your stories, your advice and we want you lead this campaign. Tell us what makes you feel confident and what makes you feel uneasy or insecure about your body image so we can really effective campaign.”

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