By Martyn Sibley

“Having read a lot of inspirational books and watched a lot of goosebump inducing tv/films; I’ve developed some big ideas.”

“But there have been points on the journey to creating social change that really tested my patience. Some days I’m like:

Why don’t people get this?

We thought millions would have loved this!

Wow this is tiring and yet it feels like 0 progress

Of course, not every day is like this. Other days are full of new collaborations, impact and progress. The key to changing the world is understanding the power of momentum, however small.”

“”There were points in the past where people didn’t get behind our big idea. We tend to take that personally. Then go and find someone else. With the same result.

More recently on Disability Horizons we’re slowing down, asking what people’s concerns are, and learning from that. Very often it’s about trust and not moving too fast. So by taking a smaller but purposeful step, we get that vital momentum. Everybody feels happy.”

“Gradually that big fluffy and juicy version starts to etch a bit closer. Not closer in terms of arriving tomorrow. Closer in terms of how lots of small steps get us nearer. Rather than just giving up and trying the same failed strategy.”