By Martyn Sibley

“Recently I delivered a keynote speech and was a panelist for ‘behind the curtain’ with the Goat agency. An influencer marketing company. My talk was about life with a disability, becoming an influencer, and our plans on Disability Horizons to create a fully inclusive world.”

“Our panel debate, moderated by Esme Rice, was all about empowerment! Alongside Lottie L’amour and Joshua Patterson, we discussed how social media has good and bad sides of supporting social change.”

“On the one hand it connects us to like minded people globally. On the other side it sometimes connects us to unhappy trolls.”

“In the end I believe influencers and businesses do have a chance and responsibility to change the world. Simply by utilising social media responsibly and giving a voice to authentic every day people.”

“What do you make of social media for empowering social change?