The Parent Carer Foundation is a group of Parents and Carers who have children and young people with various disabilities. They have joined together so that they can provide a united voice that local services are encouraged to listen to when making decisions regarding their children’s education, learning and future needs.


They were formed in January 2010 and they encourage any parent to engage with the Foundation regarding their child or young person regardless of their disabilities. These may range from complex medical needs to challenging behaviour or physical difficulties.

Their steering group meets four times a year and consists of Parents, Carers and professionals, so together they can have a stronger voice that can work towards improving the lives of families, children and young people with disabilities. They can achieve this by putting forward their concerns and issues to relevant key policy makers and service providers.

“We are looking for volunteers to join our team. This is an exciting opportunity for you to get involved with a local organisation and gain valuable experience in facilitating activities for parents and carers, as well as gaining knowledge on current SEN issues.”

“Are you looking to get more involved with your local community?

Do you enjoy working with parents and carers?

Are you passionate about big issues affecting families with disabilities and SEND and building parents and carers awareness and self-confidence to cope with challenges?

Please contact them for more information:

[email protected]