From the ‘Mental Health Foundation’

“I am writing because we are launching a new guidebook which explores the relationship between nature, wellbeing and mental health. The ‘Mental Health Foundation’ is proud to have joined forces with WWF to bring you this free resource ‘Thriving With Nature’.”

“It is packed with inspiration and information that will help you connect with nature throughout the year. It features ways nature can help us, how we in turn can help nature, plus seasonal sensory activities to maximise the benefits we get from nature on our doorstep – whatever the weather.”

“Since we created the new guide, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people across the globe. Recent months have shown a growing appreciation for nature among the public, and it’s now more important than ever for everyone to be able to enjoy the remarkable mental health benefits of connecting with nature.”

“As part of our long-term study of Coronavirus: Mental Health in the Pandemic we found that six in ten adults (62 per cent) who had felt stress because of COVID-19 said going for a walk had helped them cope – making it the most popular activity of all of those listed in the survey. meanwhile, almost half of UK adults surveyed (47 per cent) who had felt stress because of COVID-19 said that being able to visit green spaces had helped them cope.”

“The guidebook aims to raise awareness and open conversations about mental health and our relationship with nature, recognising, as our study has shown, the increasingly important role that nature plays in supporting positive mental health wellbeing.”            Mark Rowland, Chief Executive – Mental Health Foundation

Mark Rowland

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