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Happy New Year everyone. It feels strange to say that amidst everything that is happening in the world right now, but I do hope that 2021 is kind to you, and that it provides the light I think we all need after the uncertain clouds that hovered over 2020.

As always, the beginning of a new year merits a pondering session and an acknowledgment of what we want to see from the twelve months that stretch before us.

I think we’ve all learned that to have any expectations is somewhat frivolous these days. Whilst I’m not setting myself any groundbreaking goals this year, there’s no harm in tentatively noting a few thoughts and hopes down by way of direction, is there?

So, in true Elin fashion, I wanted to hop on here to share a few of them with you in regard to this blog and what my intentions are for My Blurred World in 2021. A little manifesto, if you will.

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2021 marks my sixth year of blogging and, as the surreality of that fact sinks in, I feel as though it’s as good a time as any to rekindle a connection with the reason why I created this blog in the first place. Spoiler alert; my aim this year is to remind myself of how much power, growth, and guidance I’ve been able to draw from this space.

But it also goes so much deeper than that, of course.

Whilst my love of writing has always underlined my passion for posting on here, I have to admit to falling into the pocket of feeling like I need to pen something by way of productivity quite a few times over the last couple of years.

In turn, this, amongst other things, dwarfed my inspiration, casting shadows over the flamboyant and creative side of my mind. As someone who strives from creativity, you can be assured that this never goes down well.

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At the beginning of 2020, I sat down and mapped out some of my goals and ambitions for the year ahead. I noted them on here, naturally, and when reading that post back earlier this week, I was honestly quite baffled by how much emphasis I placed on this blog and returning to a consistent posting schedule.

With retrospect, that emphasis was subconscious pressure, and placing pressure on something that I still consider a hobby inevitably squeezes the enjoyment out of it.

So, one of my pledges for 2021 is to erase any semblance of pressure or guilt in association with My Blurred World. I want to revert this space back into what it was at the beginning; a corner of the internet vacant of any rules or restrictions, a place where I turn to in search of catharsis.

I trialled this approach at the tail-end of last year in the form of a couple of personal think pieces that lured my fingers to the keyboard.

I really enjoyed penning shorter-ish posts that were fabricated from a selection of directionless thoughts, woven together with the words I so lovingly channel my energy in to. And I aim to do more of the same in 2021.

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Taking moments to step back from my blog in 2020 allowed me to recognise the value of only posting when I feel up to it, and when the creative stream runs so fiercely that I can’t possibly resist dipping my toes into the current.

 I’d like to retain this realisation in 2021 and use it as a force to continue shaping this space into something to be even prouder of.

We all know that my love of writing persists to be the beating heart of My Blurred World. I want to continue introducing this reminder into my life in 2021; to reflect it in the pieces I publish, and for it to be the catalyst of some of my most creative moments.

Essentially, this year, more than ever, I want to write in the best way I know how to – freely and without pressure. I’ve learned that the posts I’m most proud of are inspired by the often “middle of the night lightbulb moments”. So, I pledge to continue shaping those random musings with my creative energy, and stray from attaching them to an end goal.

Saying that, in addition to my trademark honest accounts of day-to-day shenanigans and feelings as a disabled person, there are a selection of other things I have in mind that I would like to venture typing a few thoughts on this year. Things like careers, employment, accessible fashion, and the occasional entry on books/reading, which is a huge cornerstone of my life and hobbies.

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Curating over 200 blog posts on here in the last (almost) six years has afforded me the opportunity to cushion some of my innermost thoughts; to find reassurance; to shape my writing style; and to find a voice that I once didn’t think I had.

My blog continues to be the platform that launches me into campaigning to raise awareness of living as a disabled person.

More than ever, I want to renew my appreciation for all these positive realisations, and channel them into what I create; utilising them as a guide when navigating the next twelve months.

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There will be circumstances and feelings that taint inspiration, motivation and commitment, but I’m going to try not to entertain the litany of guilty thoughts that might trail a period of creative stasis,

This year, my priority is balance, in every facet of life, in every arena of my mind. Now, that is a big goal in itself, a possible blog post perhaps. But, we don’t know what lies ahead so I don’t want to commit to anything or place unnecessary pressure on my shoulders. Goodness knows they’re already sagging from bearing too much – saying ‘no’ is something I need to do more of this year I think, but that’s besides the point.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say in a very longwinded fashion is that my vision for My Blurred World in 2021 is this; an unrestricted path, flanked by a thicket of commitment to recognising the importance of writing for enjoyment, not for productivity or achievement. I want to let creativity whisk me away to unvisited arenas of my mind, and to share those thoughts without worrying if it’s entertaining, educational, or insightful enough. I want to fill these online pages with aspects of my story and experiences that I hope will prove helpful or reassuring to others, and to unapologetically indulge in my trademark rambles, if I feel so inclined.

I want to reacquaint myself with the fact that I’m at liberty to share what I want and what I enjoy here, and if others find that insightful, relatable, or even entertaining, then that’s a bonus.

It seems that to move forward, and to carve out a positive future for my blog, I need to slip back to a few of my old ways and habits when it comes to writing. Only now, I can do so with renewed appreciation for the joy and the positives I can seek from it.

My Blurred World's homepage on an iPhone which is placed on a grey knitted scarf. The phone is surrounded by a white heart ornament, an open book and a candleSaveSave

I do have a few ideas up my sleeve for the ensuing months, whether I’ll be able to see to them or not is another matter, but I’m excited to continue shaping My Blurred World into an authentic space that showcases just how much I love to write.

That’s how we’re still here, six years on, after all.

Do you have any goals or intentions of your own for the year ahead (blog or personal life wise)? As I said, I’m not clinging on to any in particular this year, but there are a few that linger in the back of my mind to guide me along the way. I do feel as though a lot of pressure is placed on the beginning of a new year like this, so I think it’s more important than ever to be kind to ourselves and, as cliche as it sounds, take every day as it comes.

Take care everyone. 

Elin x