From the ‘British lung Foundation’

At the start of this month, we spent two weeks at COP26, highlighting how important it is to treat air pollution as a health issue as well as a climate one.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we did over the fortnight, as well as how you can still help us to #ClearTheAir

Local Campaigners

We invited lots of local campaigners to COP26! They are all campaigning for change in their communities. It is vital that decision makers hear these voices, particularly of young campaigners such as Unity Youth Centre in Liverpool.

If you’d like to become a local campaigner get in touch

Community Event

We held a community event, bringing together health experts and local politicians to talk about what change looks like in cities like Glasgow.

Political Leaders

We spoke to leading decision makers from across the UK, explaining the importance of treating the health crisis caused by air pollution in addition to the climate crisis. Pictured here, our CEO Sarah with Dr James Davies MP.

Our latest report shows just why this is urgently needed.

Clear The Air Stand

Our stand allowed visitors to hear people sharing their story of how air pollution affects their lives. It also showcased our amazing Respira-TREE! It represents the relationship between air pollution and climate change and gained a lot of attention throughout the conference.

he stories from people who are affected by air pollution are so important in making sure that those who make decisions understand the issues people are facing, often on a daily basis.

COP26 may have finished but our campaign to #ClearThe Air is just beginning.

We want more people to share their story. Together, we can make sure that our communities have cleaner, safer air.

Join those who are already speaking out today!