We are proud to partner with Disability Talk and National Carers Voice to offer expert legal advice tailored to the needs of those who need it most.

Navigating through legal processes can present unique challenges, often accompanied by feelings of difficulty and apprehension. At Slater and Gordon, we understand the intricacies involved in seeking legal assistance while managing a disability. Our team of legal experts are here to provide tailored guidance and support, ensuring that the legal journey is as accessible and accommodating as
possible for you.

Personal Injury

Accidents, unfortunately, are a part of daily life but can significantly impact your routine, leading to both physical and financial  repercussions. If you have experienced a personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors understand the unique
challenges faced and are on hand to offer expert advice.

We know that incidents resulting in personal injury can occur anywhere, be it in the UK or abroad, at work, or in public spaces. Our lawyers bring a wealth of experience, and they operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, ensuring that pursuing a claim doesn’t pose a financial risk.

Medical Negligence

For individuals with disabilities, instances of medical negligence, can have severe consequences on their health and wellbeing. Our team of expert solicitors offer a comprehensive range of services, dedicated to helping those who have suffered due to medical negligence. Beyond legal expertise, our team includes medical professionals, such as highly experienced midwives and a litigation nurse.

This collaborative approach ensures that our clients not only receive sound legal advice but also empathetic understanding and knowledge
regarding their unique medical situations.


We understand that navigating employment related legal issues can be particularly challenging. Our employment law team is well versed in the complexities of workplace claims and recognise the need for empathy during what can be a stressful time. Whether you’re dealing with workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, or other employment disputes, we are committed to providing the support you need at every stage of the process—from initial discussions to potential escalations.

If you would like to discuss any legal  issues, Slater and Gordon are here to guide you through.

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