Rupan spent over 20 years locked in a secure unit, completely isolated from the rest of the world.

When we met Rupan, he was living in a prison-like secure unit, segregated from everyone. He showed no emotion or attempt to communicate following years of trauma. Sadly, his story isn’t unique. Over 2000 people with autism and learning disabilities will spend Christmas in institutions that are not suitable for their needs. We want to ensure that people with learning disabilities and autism can live healthier, more independent lives and reach their full potential but we can only do this with your support.

This Christmas, will you help more people like Rupan to live a fulfilling life in a warm and welcoming home?

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Service Manager, Abida and her team. Rupan has blossomed into a happier, more independent person.

Abi says “It hasn’t always been easy, so many people felt that Rupan still belonged in an institution, and we have worked hard to ensure that he is happy and safe at home and in the community.

Elaine from the Positive Behavioural Support team has also been amazing giving us loads of support and techniques that we still use today. She explained to the staff team to not overload him, keep it simple and don’t make lots of changes, so he can get used to his new life slowly.

Now Rupan is so warm and loving, his vocabulary is improving all the time, and he is doing things for himself, changing his bedding, doing his laundry, paying for his shopping. I am so proud of him and so proud of FitzRoy, for supporting us. Rupan has achieved things he never thought possible, and now he has joy in his life. He is surrounded by love and laughter, and lives so much closer to his family now too.”