Tell your MP: None of us should be criminalised for being homelessThe UK Government is trying to pass new laws that would criminalise sleeping on the streets with a fine up to £2,500. We can’t let this inhumanity happen.

If passed, the Criminal Justice Bill would mean people who are homeless in England and Wales could face fines or even prison for so-called ‘nuisance’ rough sleeping.

The Bill says someone could be considered a ‘nuisance’ if they sleep in a doorway, if they have ‘excessive smell’, or even if they simply ‘look like they are intending to’ sleep rough.

Poverty pushes people into homelessness and the fact that homelessness exists in 2024 is a failure of Government policy.


This Bill would criminalise and dehumanise those of us that have been failed by a system that should keep all of us safe.

We should treat people who are homeless with dignity and humanity – not with the threat of police action.

The Bill is being debated in the UK Parliament right now. Together, we can stop these plans – but we need MPs to speak out against it.

Will you email your MP asking them to help stop these cruel and unnecessary plans?

This week we took to the streets near Westminster to show people just how shocking the UK Government’s plans are to criminalise homelessness.