We are delighted to share the highlights of our recent Gala dinner and auction, an evening that epitomised the spirit of community, generosity and goodwill.

At the helm of the dinner’s festivities our patron Natasha Kaplinsky hosted and engaged in dialogue with Barcombe’s renowned screenwriters Bill Nicolson and Kim Fuller. We could have listened to their amusing insights and shared passion for writing the entire evening but had to swiftly move onto the hotly anticipated auction in which not only did we have Proms, English National Opera and Glyndebourne tickets up for bids but also highly coveted Taylor Swift tickets! Witnessing the spirited bidding war, led by Justin, brought an undeniable sense of excitement and camaraderie to the room.

The crowning achievement of the evening came in the form of our record-breaking fundraising total. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our attendees and donors, we raised over £31,000— an extraordinary feat that really will make such a difference in providing ‘more from life’.

As we celebrate the success of this remarkable evening, we are keenly aware that it would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of individuals who went above and beyond to make it truly special. Our heartfelt thanks go to Amy Bell, whose stunning spring flowers not only adorned our tables but hung from the ceiling in beautiful floral chandeliers. To each and every individual who contributed to the success of this evening—whether through attendance, donations, or lending a helping hand—we offer our deepest gratitude.