From ‘Close-up Culture’

Filmmaker Bud Rebel stops by on Close-Up Culture to talk about his latest film, how he broke into the industry, mental health awareness, and more.

Hi Bud, welcome to Close-Up Culture. What was your trigger to write your latest film, The Undead?

I wanted to formulate a horror script that had a deeper meaning than the current crop of films. Where the audience became just as captivated with the characters as the action on the screen. Truthfully I was tired of watching the same Vampire/Slasher Werewolf etc type horror films and wanted to explore the end of times in this type of genre. Reading about the end of times and seeing what was occurring in the world had me thinking about what if and how I could tell the world my vision.

What did you want to explore with this film?

I wanted to explore how a family with mental health conditions could come together during the end of times.  Many times films pretend that people become “superheroes” when the circumstances occur. I don’t believe this is necessarily the case and wanted to present a more realistic approach to these situations especially when the dynamics of mental health and dysfunctional families are part of the family. 

Can you tell us about your experience breaking into the film industry and how it all started for you? 

It was a dream that I pursued after taking a 2 day class by Dov Simmons who taught at NYU /UCLA and proved it could be possible. The idea that this was a possibility even for a novice like me made me pursue this dream against all odds.

What type of stories and projects excite you the most?

I love stories with great character development and plot twists that send one’s mind on a journey which they’ve never gone before and may never want to go. Stories should be entertaining first and allow the audience to develop their own views along the way. 

You have often spread positive messages about mental health awareness. Why is this cause so important to you?

I feel that this issue of mental illness is a barrier that society has put in front of those who should seek treatment and hope the projects I pursue help open the door to people getting better. It pains me to see so many people suffering on our streets and neighborhoods who could be helped and as such lead a better, happier life. It’s a failure that I hope we can do better with as a society as a whole.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

I hope that my artistic pursuits can help bring entertainment and thought-provoking conversations to many an audience to come.