CARERS WEEK – 10th – 16th JUNE 2024

Carers Week is here





All the hard work and contributions are paying off, and there’s a week full of exciting events and opportunities to look forward to where we’ll all be putting carers on the map.


Asha shares her experience being an older carer for her 93 year old mum at 74

“A lot of my values come from my parents, such as looking after those who need it most. So I always wanted to make sure I was able to support them in their older age. 

“My mum used to live in India, and she worked there as a head teacher until she retired. In 1997, she was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer and in the same year my father passed away. It was a difficult time for her, so she started visiting us in England more regularly and I also went back to India when I could. I was still working at the time, I’ve done many jobs including teaching, like my mum. 

“Fortunately, she beat cancer, but in 2012 she had a bad fall. At that point my husband and I decided it would be best for my mum to come and live with us in England so I could care for her full time. She’s always been independent but over time mobility became a real issue and she was eventually diagnosed with arthritis.  


“Some of the things we used to do together like cooking are not possible anymore. She requires my assistance a lot more, from getting around the house to showering. She will often push herself to do things herself but I know she needs my help. I try my best to maintain her dignity and let her tell me how I can best support her.  

“I want her to feel like her voice still matters, that her feelings are valued. I think she’s worried about being a burden, but she’s not a burden to me. It’s a privilege for me to be able to spend time with her. I hope my children will feel the same way about me. 

“My mum is financially dependent on me and my husband, and we only have our pensions to keep the three of us afloat. I was advised to get attendance allowance so that helps with the extra services my mum needs and the adaptations in our home. 

“I think Government should support families more, so we can look after each other better. Many of us want to look after our families but I know it’s not always possible. I couldn’t imagine putting my mum in a care home but I’m getting older, I’m 74 now and one day me and my husband might need extra help looking after my mum. We should be able to access extra help at home, if we need it.