‘Ninja’ drug is an alzheimer beater

Scientists are developing a ‘ninja’ drug that targets toxic proteins in the brain that could stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks.

Early tests have been hopeful and show that the┬ádrug halts the chemical process that kills brain cells in sufferers and also protects against short-term memory loss. But, unlike other potential treatments, the new method does not have damaging side-effects. Gene Williams, of proMIS – the Canadian firm behind the drug – said, “this antibody is like a ninja. It comes and only targets the toxic parts. The brain has an amazing rewiring, restoring and┬áregenerative capacity”.

But with all new possible drugs there will be a significant ‘lead in time’ with the current results being obtained from trials on mice. If the tests continue to be successful then the drug could be available in 2020.

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