Davina (30) and women from Madzangina village near Bunia in Ituri Province, making jam. Tearfund's partner is Action Entraide.

From the web editor of TEARFUND, Ben Cohen

“So I’m at a party and someone comes up to me and asks what do you do for a living? I say I work for a charity called Tearfund. The normal reply is never ‘eard of ’em .. what do they do?”

“This happens a lot – in spite of the fact that we are one of the largest charities in the UK.”

“Why? Well, I think it’s partly because at Tearfund we try to put our faith in Christ at the centre of what we do. Not everyone will get that, and that’s OK. Our faith is something we discussed a lot recently, during our 50th anniversary year. We’ve even commissioned a special report into how faith affects the way we do our work.”

“Reports can only tell us so much though. I’d love to know what, if anything, it means to you that Tearfund is a Christian organisation, open about its beliefs. Does it matter to you? If so, how?”

“To share your thoughts please get writing and email me. Feel free to be ‘creative’. Please keep it to 100 words or shorter. please!”

 [email protected]

“With your permission, I’d like to share a few responses in a forthcoming email as well as on our website, so do let me know if you are happy with that. Oh, and tell me if we can use your name, or whether you’d rater remain ‘anon’.”