The new Petitions Committee report shows the high level of abuse that disabled people receive online. It agrees with Katie Price’s petition that the law on online abuse is not fit for purpose.

Katie Price, shown above with her mother Amy, gave evidence to the Committee about the abuse that her disabled son, Harvey, had received.

She told the committee, “The reason I started the petition was that I have five children and out of all my five children, the online abuse is against only one of them. It happens because of the colour of his skin; he has multiple disabilities, and he gets mocked for his size, the way that his eyes are and the colour of his skin.”

“I kept reporting people and then others were telling me about reporting them; these people would get closed down, but then would reopen and start again. It kept going on and on, to the point that it got so bad that – there were these Vines that you could do, and people were doing videos on Harvey; at one point a guy did a video on Harvey making out that he was having sex with him, basically.”

“It is bad. What goes through people’s heads to make them want to sit there and do this about an innocent child who cannot reply?”

Watch KATIE PRICE give evidence

To see her full submission and that of the other witnesses CLICK HERE

Helen Jones MP Chair of the Petitions Committee

Katie Price’s petition attracted 221,914 signatures before it closed early due to the 2017 General Election.

To read the report’s conclusions and recommendations please CLICK HERE