Our very special thanks to ‘Models of Diversity’

Here are some of the quotes that really matter. Reinforcing the needs of the modelling and entertainment industry that embracing disability and diversity is a must. Not an option.

Melissa Johns

“The biggest thank you to ‘Models of Diversity’ who continue to celebrate diversity and disability in the modelling and fashion industry. You are paving the way for inclusivity in this industry and changing the way that society view diversity.”

Eileen Grubba

“Excluding people from society, expecting them to live silently, in the shadows and in poverty, we cut off a major life force that could infuse great insight and ingenuity into all our lives.”


“Models of colour on the runway is important to the self-esteem of our young girls. To see otherwise makes them feel like they can be ‘in or out’.”

Gail Porter

“Just don’t let people bring you down. Always be yourself and don’t change for anyone.”

Alexander Masson

“If it’s your passion, don’t give up. Take the necessary steps to ensure your success.”

Danielle Sheypuk

“I plan to rock the foundations of ‘The House of Fashion’ calling for the recognition of people with disabilities as models and consumers!”

Alexandra Shulman

“I am sure we could always do better but I am pleased that there is a greater diversity. There’s obviously a way to go though.”

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