Shopping+giving: Coming to your favourite charity shortly!

Its been over 6 months in the build but our online shopping platform Shopping+giving will be launching very shortly. It’s not like any other online portal as its been designed to ‘mimic’ a charity’s own site. Meaning it becomes THEIR shopping channel.

Connecting their supporters directly to their charity – with the generated commissions automatically donating to their favoured cause.

We haven’t re-invented the wheel! – but we believe we have created a unique way for charities to raise money through online shopping.

The shopping platform we provide will allow a charity’s supporters to shop and donate to their charity right from the start of the shopping process. Most existing shopping sites only allow purchases to choose a charity at point of purchase. Currently, the charity does not have control over the process and relies on the customer to choose their charity from a whole list of other charities.

So, with us, the charity is in control – they will be guaranteed the donations and not left hoping that their charity will be the one that is randomly chosen.

Our way promises to be different because we provide a charity’s supporters with a direct link to their favoured cause. And so their purchases from household names (over 4,000 products and services) automatically generates commissions to the charity of their choice.

For the charity there are no costs involved. So that’s why we have called it:


For further information please email: [email protected]