By Martyn Sibley

“My podcast started with disabled influencers, progressed into business and marketing for World Changers, and in the latest episode we venture into a different theme.”

Depika Mistry

“In the end I want to share the many amazing people I have met and the experiences I have had. So you can take away from it whatever is relevant at the time for you.”

Martyn Sibley

“Having attended Mindvalley University, I’ve been encouraged to grow in many personal and professional ways. One being in the theme of intuition and energy. I also had the pleasure of meeting many cool people through Mindvalley too. One being Depika Mistry. She even came all the way from London to meet Kasia and I at home, after the Barcelona event.”

“In our chat you’ll hear more on when we connected, how Depika found her amazing talent, what she’s using it for now, and her plans for the future. Plus we look at how natural elements are so important for mental and physical wellbeing. Throwing in some of the increasing body of scientific evidence for intuition.

This topic has pushed me hard to consider things I used to totally dismiss. Plus I’m still tussling with some of it now. So I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences on it too.”


“I hoped you enjoyed it. One thing is for sure, Depika is helping so many people. Moreover she is an awesome woman to hang out with and put the world to rights with.”


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