By Martyn Sibley

“Recently I went to Arundel House Hotel in Cambridge for a client meeting. What a place too!

Unfortunately there was a small (but big enough) step to the conference room.”

“A couple of builders were working on the door. As we surveyed the barrier, they must have caught wind of the problem. We headed to the gardens for a coffee (well naturally I’m a tea guy – as I am so English). After an hour it started spitting.”

“As we returned to solve our more difficult issue (thanks to the weather) a ramp was at the step. A piece of wood, with strips underneath supporting it.

Changing the world isn’t always about impacting millions of people. It’s being considerate, caring and creative for others.”

“Thank you Christopher for your kindness in getting me up that step, so I could crack on with my mission for the day. I’m so appreciative of your craft and initiative!

Have you helped or received help in a similar way to this before? Either way round I bet it felt great, right?”