By Martyn Sibley

“I was in a session at Mindvalley University in Croatia. It was run by the founder Vishen Lakhiani. The topic was on the code of the extraordinary mind. Building on Vishen’s principles from the code of the extraordinary mind.”

Vishen Lakhiani 

“It was a much needed reminder on understanding our beliefs, values and essentially our culture.

All too often we talk about our personal life or our professional aims in a very ‘us’ centred ways – I want more money. We want more clients.”

Mindvalley University

“When we come from a place of why we want these things, and in particular from a place of helping others, it galvanises people. Ironically with the consequence of getting those more personal things anyway.

Naturally, I want to enjoy a healthy, wealthy and interesting lifestyle. Who doesn’t? But my beliefs, values and team culture are far more focused on creating impact with disabled people, for an inclusive world.”

Martyn Sibley

“People are drawn to our cause. They want to get involved, and they want to help. In sharing our vision, and the story of why we believe in inclusion, so much magic has happened.”