By Penny Melville-Brown

“Thanks to the support of Hampshire County Council and so many others of you around the country, I have been able to continue the Baking Blind world cooking tour after I got back from the French Hospital. I have been recording videos and talking about my experiences to many local audiences.”

“I am now publishing the first of five videos of visually impaired people from across Hampshire showing me their different recipes – starting this week with Gary’s ‘Roadkill’. It was more appetising than it sounds.”


“I was still in the early stages of my recovery after the car accident which you may be able to hear in my voice plus my sometimes lapses in concentration and memory. Thank goodness for the editing to remove the really bad bits.”

“My thanks to you all who helped make all of this possible and my apologies for it all taking rather longer than expected to publish the videos. There have been over 100 Baking Blind videos posted weekly in chronological order – these came rather later in the series.”