By Patrick Young from America

“Individuals with disabilities such as impaired vision or motor skills face unique challenges in the workforce. This can make finding fitting employment difficult. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that 19.1% of the disabled population was employed in 2018, compared to 65.9% of the non-disabled population. The good news is that advances in technology are making it easier for individuals with disabilities to thrive in the workforce. Please read on to find out how cutting-edge tools can help you find and prepare for jobs and advance in your career.”

Patrick’s report is for an American audience but the same logic applies to us here in the UK

His compelling work includes:

Excelling In Your Work

“If you’re currently working or recently found a position, the right tools can assure your
continued success. For those who are not blind but have vision loss, a program like
ZoomText makes it easier to read screens by enlarging the text. If you are colourblind,
colour-identification apps can be added to your smartphone. If you are hearing impaired, a tool like Ava is great: Add it to your smartphone or tablet, and it transcribes what is being said aloud. You can also type what you want to say with a keyboard and Ava will read it out through your phone’s speakers.”

“Similarly, there are mobile tools to assist those with motor skills impairments. For instance Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech-recognition software that enables individuals who are challenged by the use of keyboards to verbally create texts and documents, from written reports to spreadsheets. Dragon can also be used to direct computer activity if you have trouble gripping a mouse., for instance when surfing the web.”

 Make the most of tools with a new mobile phone

“To make the most of these technologies and apps, make sure your smartphone is up-to-date. A new model like the iPhone XS can be ideal. It offers a 12MP camera, extended battery life, and enhanced capacity.”

“If you prefer Android devices, CNET gives high marks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, pointing out it offers a generous screen size, all-day battery, and high quality camera tools. With a high-performing phone at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to engage with the apps you need to take your career to the next level or to find the right job opening”

Finding a job

“If you are dissatisfied with your current role or simply ready for something new, employers are increasingly interested in hiring people with disabilities. The internet offers useful platforms to connect companies with jobseekers.”

Landing the job

“Once an employer is interested in a prospective candidate, they will likely want to hold an interview. Persons with disabilities should ensure that the interview process and facilities are outfitted accordingly.”

“With your new phone and the above tips, the doors of the working world are wide open to you. Such technologies give you the support you need to advance. With the necessary tools and resources, you can look forward to rising ever higher in your career.”

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