From Lora at Leonard Cheshire

“International Women’s day on 8th March was a great opportunity to celebrate the incredible women Leonard Cheshire work with in the UK and Internationally.”

“As well as campaigning, we work with disabled people in 54 countries, through programmes that ensure disabled people can live, learn and work as independently as they choose.”

“For example, the Girls’ Education Challenge in Kenya was set up to help disabled children improve their lives through education.

Our ambassador and TV presenter Sophie Morgan visited the programme to find out how it has supported 3,000 children get into education.”

Find out more about Sophie’s journey and our work in Kenya

To celebrate in the UK, we’ve teamed up with disabled artist Mimi who has designed a t-shirt for our #DisabledLooksLikeMeCampaign.

“My work is designed to make disabled and chronically ill women feel seen. I’ve often been told ‘but I don’t think of you as disabled!’ by well meaning people, but I don’t feel any shame saying that I am. This campaign is about reclaiming the world for the disabled!”