From ‘Asthma UK’

We’re all staying indoors more than usual at the moment, so we might not be getting as much natural sunlight as our bodies normally get.

You might have heard some coverage on the news about vitamin D recently, so we thought we’d send you an update. Vitamin D helps keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy, so it’s really important.

That’s why we’re following NHS guidelines and recommending that people who are indoors a lot right now – particularly those who are shielding – should take a vitamin D supplement.

Don’t forget though, if you have a pre-existing medical condition and you’re not already taking vitamin D, it’s worth checking with your GP first. And if you’re in the garden or doing some exercise outside be safe, don’t go overboard on sun exposure and do use sun creams. Too much sun can cause sunburn and increase risk of skin cancers.

There’s no evidence yet that vitamin D can reduce the risk of coronavirus, but at least by topping up our daily intake it’s one thing we can all do to look after ourselves and stay in good health.

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