From ‘Disabled Motoring UK’

Highways England has launched its largest ever motorway safety campaign to make sure all motorists know what to do if they are unfortunate enough to breakdown on a motorway.

The key message of this campaign is that if you breakdown on the motorway go left. If you are not able to exit the motorway at the next junction or service station, try to go left into an emergency area or hard shoulder. Get safe and then get help. If you are unable to leave your vehicle and get to safety, you should keep your seat belts on, put your hazard warning lights on and call 999 immediately.

Highways England Equality and Diversity Manager Julian Horsler said: “We know that driving gives disabled road users vital independence, and we want to ensure that every road user knows what to do in an emergency. Our research has shown some of the issues disabled road users encounter when they break down, such as getting out of their vehicle, so this new campaign is vital to help keep everyone safe.” DMUK Chief Executive Graham Footer commented: “With disabled drivers representing around five per cent of the driving population, we welcome the campaign from Highways England to ensure all road users are safe.

The campaign is clear and concise and disabled drivers should feel safer knowing what to do in an emergency. Getting out of a vehicle in an emergency is not always an option for disabled motorists so it is important for them to know that if they feel they are in an unsafe situation they should call 999 immediately.”