There are over 13million unpaid carers in the UK and it is estimated that they save the Treasury at least £135billion every year. But does Government largely ignore them? Even with the ‘Carers Allowance’ (only approximately 1.3million carers are claiming this .. £67.60 per week) they are paid a fraction of the minimum wage. 
Claiming the ‘Carers Allowance’ means conforming to some pretty restrictive financial constraints – here is the criteria for claiming.
Would you please join with us while we collect as much information as possible to put before the Department of Work & Pensions. We have asked Ministers, MPs, Charity Executives, Union Leaders, Businessmen, Journalists, Clergy, Campaigners, Carers and those who they care for the following questions and will publish their answers.

And could you give us YOUR answers to the following 7 questions as well?
Q1) There are an estimated 13 million+ unpaid carers in the UK. Do you feel they are a largely forgotten section of our society?
Q2) What could Government do to improve their standing in the community .. and also to acknowledge their worth to the country?
Q3) It is calculated that each year they save the treasury £135bn. Do you think a proportion of that could be returned to them to make their life(s) easier?
Q4) Approximately 1.3 million claim ‘Carers Allowance’. This currently stands at £67.60pw and is only paid to those who care for over 35 hours per week. That works out (maximum) at £1.93 per hour! Do you feel that this should be increased to at least the minimum wage?
Q5) And Carers Allowance is only paid to those earning (after deductions) less than £128 pw. Should this be increased?
Q6) A large number of unpaid carers are exhausted and need respite breaks. If their GP was to certify that this was necessary should the Government provide a fund to assist with this?
Q7) What other measures could Government take to ensure a more bearable life for unpaid carers?