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Your Guide to Grants for the Disabled

Welcome to the early 2024 edition of Disability Grants News – a monthly round up of highlights on the Disability Grants website and resources for anyone with a disability, caring for or working with disabled adults or children.

If you are new to the website and searching for grants please read the following pages before starting your search….

Adults– About Grants section

Children and Young People  – Grants for Disabled Children – An Introduction

A grant is a financial donation or contribution. Unlike loans they do not have to be repaid.

Many UK charities or trusts provide grants for the disabled, each with their own criteria for providing funds.

Grant money from charities and trusts is mainly provided to pay for things that cannot be paid for by Government or Local Authorities.

For example your local wheelchair centre will have limited funds and may not be able to fund the exact wheelchair that you require.

They will provide the basic equipment but if you want a higher specification wheelchair you need to either buy it yourself or approach a charity or trust to assist with a grant.

Some charities receive their money from Government or other large fundraising projects such as the Big Lottery or Comic Relief.

It is the charity’s responsibility to ensure that the money is allocated fairly and to those with the most need.

Trusts were often set up to provide for specific needs and may be part of a larger charitable foundation.

The trust money is invested to provide the capital. The amount they have available may vary each year and they may only accept grants at certain times of the year.

All over the United Kingdom there are small local trusts providing grants for individuals and non-profit organisations in their local area.

In addition to this, the UK Government, the Welsh and Scottish Governments, and Local Authorities all have individual grant programmes that benefit the disabled.

What’s available from Government agencies differs around the country.

All will offer grants such as the Disabled Facilities Grant but the majority of funding depends on local need and priorities.

At the time of writing many Government and Local Authority grants are under review and may be changed or withdrawn altogether.

At the time of writing many Government and Local Authority grants are under review and may be changed or withdrawn altogether.

What does this mean for you?

Unfortunately, it will mean finding grants to pay for the ever increasing cost of disability even harder.

That’s why we’ve also included Grants UK in this website to help you find a grants in your local area as well as national grants.

So, can anyone apply for grants?

It all depends on your own personal circumstances and the eligibility criteria for the funding.

For individual grants for the disabled this may include:

Your religion
Where you live
How much you earn
Your profession or your parent’s profession

Funding for disability groups and organisations may depend on:.

Whether the group has registered charitable status
The size of the organisation

What the group or organisation provides for individuals or their local community
The client group
How they provide support or aid
Where the group or organisation is based
The current financial situation of the group
To round off…..All grant funding whether it’s from a charity, trust or Government agency will have varying conditions.

And remember to check all their individual grant criteria before applying for any financial aid.