This year our Dementia Action Week campaign (13 – 19 May 2024) brings the UK together to take action on improving dementia diagnosis rates.

A dementia diagnosis is vital. Vital to give people access to the care, treatment and support they desperately need.
Yet, incredibly, one in three people with dementia do not have a diagnosis. And the cost of not getting a diagnosis is hundreds of thousands of people not getting the help they need.

If we don’t address diagnosis, we have no hope of addressing the major dementia challenges we are faced with, and reducing this cost for thousands of people now and in the future.

Now is the time to prioritise dementia, and that starts with prioritising diagnosis. That’s why this year’s Dementia Action Week (13 May to 19 May 2024) is uniting people across the country to bring vital change and raise awareness of the benefits of a dementia diagnosis.

Dementia symptoms checklist

Helping you describe symptoms to a GP or health professional.

Complete the checklist

Fill in our checklist with your symptoms, ready to show to your GP, healthcare professional or a trusted individual.

Complete online – you can download it or have it emailed to you.

Print a copy

For a copy in British Sign Language (BSL), see the symptoms checklist in BSL.

Endorsed by the Royal College of GPs

Dr Jill Rasmussen, Clinical Representative for Dementia at the Royal College of General Practitioners, said:

“The checklist that has been developed with Alzheimer’s Society is a simple, free tool to help patients and their families clearly communicate their symptoms and concerns during an often time-pressured appointment”.