Labour’s Shadow Minister for Disabled People, Marsha de Cordova, says this is the latest example of the Conservative government not taking the rights of disabled people seriously.

And it’s time to remind ourselves that the UN has previously described this (our ) government’s policies as causing ‘grave, systematic violations’ of disabled people’s rights.

A UN report last year found that the UK has not done enough to ensure the UN convention on disabled people’s rights, to which the UK is a signatory, is reflected in British Law and policy.

It blamed the high levels on poverty among disabled people in the UK on the impact of austerity which had caused a ‘human catastrophe’ that totally neglected ‘the vulnerable situation people with disabilities find themselves in’.

Marsha de Cordova pledged that a Labour government would incorporate the ‘United Nations Conventions on the rights of Disabled People’ fully into law to ensure that disabled people’s rights are protected.

James Taylor, head of policy and public affairs at SCOPE, said: “Disability is an important issue, and needs to be taken seriously by government. We hope that this means that disability issues aren’t being downgraded.”

And although the ODI said, “it is a normal practice for different governments set up new structures and protocols”, do you believe them?

Lets get behind our disabled people and challenge government to make the UK a better place for disabled people to live in.