Through using a wheelchair, I’ve experienced lots of exclusion and prejudice. My mission is to see a world that’s inclusive for everyone. Not only for wheelchair users or disabled people. But for all excluded people.

On a personal level I’ve gone through a scary spinal operation, having strangers do my personal care, found accessible housing in London, been employed, started multiple businesses, travelled with all my equipment, found love, and much more.

For you, I share these experiments for one reason. In the hope that even one sentence will spark an idea or motivate you in some way. Some way that that helps you change the world. You might be disabled, you might work for inclusion, or you might just be interested in my world.

I’m all about being a World Changer at the moment. But it isn’t scary or exclusive as it might sound. We all change the world every day when we’re thoughtful, compassionate and helpful.

Some are World Changing entrepreneurs, some are World Changing employees, and some are World Changing humans. It doesn’t have to be a vocation.

For me I am an entrepreneur that values social values. Through running social businesses, I’ve learned as much about the importance of health, play and relationships. When naturally marketing, team management and product development are vital too.

I like to write, share pictures and make videos about this. Sometimes depending on my mood and sometimes depending on the above topic. All to create debate and spark new ideas.