Online thousands have praised Marks & Spencer for launching a clothing range specifically designed for children with disabilities.

The range has been designed to make getting dressed less stressful for both children and their parents. The line is made with special needs in mind and includes clothes made with extra space for casts as well as ones with discreet pockets for feeding tubes.

In addition the clothes are made with as few seams as possible and hidden care labels that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Dr. John Chung – Consultant Paediatrician

Dr. Chang, who advised on the range, said, “As a doctor you can help parents with a range of complex issues, but sometimes it’s the little things – like finding a jumper your child will actually wear – that can make the biggest difference.

It was a brilliant experience to consult on the range and help explain the physical requirements for the products, I know for some parents this will be life changing and I look forward to seeing how it develops.”

To show how many people will benefit from the launch, Marks & Spencer enlisted the help of a diverse range of young models with disabilities like Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy and hip dysplasia. Currently the line caters to children from newborn to age 16.

Online comments

“Hats off to you M & S at last some recognition that there is a huge market out there.”

“Brilliant idea. Well done Marks & Spencer. Let’s hope more stores decide to do the same. These parents have enough to deal with, without struggling to find clothes for their gorgeous children.”

“My daughter was born in 1990. What I would have done for this special range of products back then!!! I am so happy for parents now that you are helping them to make any disability a little bit easier.”