By Dawn Grabowski

How I spent my Sunday? Hint: it was NOT my average Sunday by any means. Usually I’m sleeping in, or listening to a horoscope and meditation, spending several hours in my pyjamas. I wonder if I should get dressed and head to the movies, or stay in my pyjamas and read a good book, work on writing my current project, or lay on the couch and watch Netflix. (Sunday is usually a day I try to relax a bit).

Dawn Grabowski (Actress, Writer, Film Maker & Disability Advocate)

No! This Sunday was different! I got up early, got dressed, and not just got dressed, but camera ready, and headed to Samuel French Bookstore on Sunset. I was attending the Time to Start Booking PWD (Performer with Disabilities) event created by Actor and Disability Advocate Paul Ford – and what an amazing event it was!

Paul Ford with his #ALLin Badge. Eileen Grubba (Left) & Peggy Warny (Right) 

Peggy Warny came representing her company, ‘Headshots by Peggy’. She spoke about the headshot process, and gave important pointers on how to achieve marketable headshots. Peggy also offered one free headshot (one look) to everyone in attendance.

The afternoon continued with a speech from Global Inclusion Brand Ambassador, and co-founder of this event, Eileen Grubba. Eileen spoke about being a warrior, like she is. She spoke of how we, as a community, need to be included in the Entertainment Industry. She said, “It is beyond time and way overdue!”

Eileen Grubba

Eileen talked about how approximately 20% of the world’s population has some form of disability. She talks about the #ALLin Movement which states, in part: “Committing yourself to promoting equality and diversity in every possible way. The ‘social model of disability’ says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than a person’s impairment or difference. You can help remove barriers that will allow disabled people to be independent and equal in society with choice over their own lives.”

She continued, “I know as I’ve been an advocate for years, and I will continue to be #ALLin.

The seminar was closed by Cornell Thomas, who flew in from New Jersey that very day to speak with the group. He talked about the importance of mindset in Hollywood. How one must “believe in yourself, and your dreams, more than any one else does!”

Cornell Thomas

All in all, I would say that it was a very pro-active and successful afternoon.


We agree – and we should copy America’s pro-active promotion of employment for disabled people. In this article the talk is about the Entertainment Industry. But the message is the same whatever ‘walk of life’. We simply cannot ignore 20% of the world’s population! That surely is the biggest waste of talent that anybody could imagine!

And if you want to join our #ALLin cause just email: [email protected]