Kate Yellowees is a University student at the University of Glasgow and would like your help. She is a 4th year student studying for her honours degree in Geography.

University of Glasgow

Kate has asked us to help her by putting her in touch with females suffering from chronic mobility issues.

She states, “In particular I have an interest in the human part of the subject [Geography] particularly Social Geography. I chose my dissertation in researching the role of Online Forums in the everyday lives of these women as this is an issue closely linked to my friends and family. I’m very much aware of the significant work these forums can play .. and want to find out how users interact with these platforms – and the types of information and support that is available on them.”

Kate Yellowtrees

She went on to add, “I also hope to explore in more detail the social treatment of those living with disabilities (as outlined above) and how the the forums influence their social and physical interaction with modern society. The hope for this research is that it will highlight the importance of these platforms and groups and push for a greater improvement and creation of more online support methods in the future. This, I believe, can help reduce the isolation and loneliness that is often felt by those living with chronic mobility issues.”

I have been in touch with certain charities and in particular SCOPE and MS Society and their help has been invaluable.

To assist Kate CLICK HERE for her questionnaire