Since Theresa May’s 987 day tenure 29 Ministers have resigned outside of reshuffles. Fifteen ministerial positions remain vacant following the resignations concerning the indecision caused by Brexit.

Theresa May, losing 29 Ministers!

And one of the Ministers who has resigned is the former Minister for Disabled People, Sarah Newton. And not been replaced.

Ms. Newton, the MP for Falmouth and Truro, quit on 13th March to defy the Prime Minister when voting to block a no-deal Brexit.

Ms. Sarah Newton who has quit as Minister for Disabled People.

But why no replacement? It is surely one of the most important positions in Government – looking after the needs and welfare of 20% of our population. Needless to say, charities have expressed their disappointment.

Adam Smiley, parliamentary affairs manager at Scope, urged Theresa may to make an appointment ‘as soon as possible’ He stated, “This delay sends the wrong signal to the UK’s 13.9 million disabled people,” adding, “There will be a ‘bulging in-box’ awaiting the next Minister.”

He continued, “The assessment for PIP and fitness-for-work test both need drastic overhauling, and the disability employment gap has remained stubbornly stuck at around 30 percentage points for a decade.”

When asked the date of replacements for the unfilled position the PM’s official spokesmen said, “We will let you know in due course. The responsibilities of the disability minister have been carried out by the Secretary of State (Amber Rudd) and other members of the ministerial team.”