By Martyn Sibley

“Why do we like to do everything ourselves? Why is asking for help so difficult? Why do we ignore the common knowledge that ‘together we’re stronger’?

You might have picked up on my recent difficulties with air travel. Despite flying hundreds of times, writing a book about my globetrotting, and always being so positive; my patience has really been tested this summer.”

“I’ve been nearly dropped to the floor twice, I’ve had inappropriate jokes by staff.www.m I’ve watched my 130kg wheelchair bounce onto the tarmac.

It’s been stressful, emotional and undignified.”

“I was going around in circles about how to address this. Then I realised I’m not alone! We’re running a survey and digital panel on Disability Horizons about this topic. I’m speaking to others already campaigning for better travel for disabled people.”

“Most importantly, I’m sharing my story, in the hope we can make this better. I don’t want to stop flying. Unfortunately I know others who have given up already. But something needs to change. Quickly.

Particularly before more people and equipment get damaged. It’s 2019. Surely this is possible! What do you think can be done to improve the assistance and luggage services at all airports. Please let me know”

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