By Martyn Sibley

“I’d like to share thoughts on my family. The main picture is of being in Costa Brava with 15 members of my family. I’ve often attributed some of my ability to change the world to my family.”

“My mum and dad brought me in to this world. My family listen to me when I’m down. They encourage me to follow my dreams. They keep me grounded when work goes crazy.”

“Some people don’t have blood family around anymore, or something that gives them positive support. However family doesn’t have to be blood related.

I’ve also got family at work, family from school days, and family from Mindvalley.”

“In the end, family is that group of people you’re always there for. Through ups and downs. Good times and bad. Restful and fun moments. So who is your family? How do they help you? Why do like helping them? Here’s to family!”