“Could Veganism become the pathway towards human well-being?”

In this Project Update, Researcher Network member, Jana Krizanova, explores how this question provides the foundation to her research in the area of conscious human nutrition and its relationship with psychological outcomes.

Jana Krizanova, Network Researcher with ‘The Vegan Society’

“During my work I came across many findings, which, unexpectedly offer contrary statements. This fact was a wake up call to a deeper need for understanding why vegans experience different levels of happiness when committed to a plant-based diet.”

“As an old saying points out, ‘we are what we eat’, but this can also be perceived from a transformational perspective ‘ we become what we eat’.”

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“As a result, there is a call to investigate veganism from a more holistic angle so that it can become not only a sustainable diet but also the pathway towards increased levels of human happiness and thus, achieve a better introduction among wider spheres of our society.”

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